Wired - The Game

This game teaches the fundamentals of electricity. The version of the game here is the "vertical slice". This means it has all the core systems working together to create a playable (and hopefully fun) experience. The final game will have a more thought-through educational journey and a more coherent story.

This page shows a video of the game. You can play the game by using one of the buttons below. There is advice about which button to press there too.

To start playing as quickly as possible and if you are using an up to date version of Chrome or Firefox to view this page, click on the "Web Browser Version" button.

For the best playing experience, click and then run the Windows or Mac installers - though these can take a little while to download (800MB).

If you find you don't have enough privilege to install the game on your Windows PC, you could try downloading the Windows Zip file version - unzip it somewhere and then run the .exe file that you find in the top level folder.